If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium

Well, we bought our tickets, and we're headed to Paris on February 15. This will be the longest vacation we've ever taken, 2/15 through 2/27. We will only have a limited time in Paris, and then we're going to Ireland, where we will be relying on the kindness of strangers, but mostly strangers who are related to me and therefore seem eager to put us up without receiving any compensation.

I don't know if I've mentioned this here before, but Loki can be a difficult travel companion. The last time we traveled abroad, he was reticent during the planning stages and then was irritated when we didn't have time in the schedule to do everything he wanted to do.

This time, he's more engaged in the planning, but he doesn't seem to fully comprehend that as long as this vacation will be, it is still a short time, and we won't be able to do everything he wants. This morning, he was suggesting that we leave Ireland early (on 2/23), go to England, catch a Ryanair flight to the Netherlands, where he has an online buddy, fly back to England, stay with my cousin Eileen overnight, then take the Chunnel back to Paris, explore the city for 12 hours, stay in a hotel near the airport, and then fly home. As much as I'd like to travel the world, I don't want to run the Amazing Race with him.

Loki has never fully grasped how time passes, and he always underestimates how long it takes to get from one place to another, which is why he gets speeding tickets nearly every other month - he's always in a hurry because he's always running late. And he complains about always being in a hurry, but he never acknowledges that he has some power over the situation.

I suggested that we should figure out what we want to do while we're in Ireland, and figure out from there whether we will have the time to do anything else.

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