Paris to Ireland

Well, that's what we're aiming for, anyway. Loki and I both have a ton of vacation built up, so now we're waiting to see if we can take a big chunk of it in February.

Thus far, if everything works the way it should, this trip will cost us about $2200.00 (which is a bargain, considering that the trip is 11 days for 4 people - of course, this is primarily due to the fact we won't be staying in hotels while in Ireland), which is money that we could certainly spend in more practical ways, but probably wouldn't. Loki is working overtime over the next couple of weeks, and we were frugal at Christmas, so we have the cash to pay for it up front.

Fingers crossed that we both get the vacation time we requested.

UPDATE: I'm good to go! Maybe I'll just buy tickets for me and the girls, and let Loki buy his when he gets the okay from his job. If they give him a hard time, I'm going to be pissed as hell, because the man has taken 5 vacation days in the total of 10 years he's worked there.

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