On Rove

I am loath to get too excited over the growing furor about Karl Rove - bags of scum are slippery, after all. He may well survive this.

And if Rove does resign or get fired because of the Plame leak, I don't think that means he is done playing a role for this White House. Even if he ends up in big trouble (of the prison variety), I don't think that would make the current administration shun him.

No, this has to be tied to the whole administration. It will not be satisfying to me if Rove gets frogmarched out of the White House only to continue his role from behind bars. I want this story to tie together with all the other scandals (OBL still free, no WMD, billions missing in Iraq, Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, DSM, etc.) to besmirch this whole foul administration. The cancer in this administration is not a tumor called Karl - the whole stinking body is riddled with the disease.

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