Things I saw at the pool tonight

* A little girl, maybe about 4, who could do the crawl stroke like Michael Phelps

* My former swimming teacher and his girlfriend snuggling** before they did their laps (**that's not a euphemism)

* A large Muslim family - looked like a grandmother and grandfather and their children and their children's children. The grandmother went into the pool in her hijab, and the grandfather was singing to the grandchildren while they splashed around. I don't know what he was singing, but it was making the kids giggle like crazy.

* A little brat mouthing off to her mother, and then taking a sip of soda and spitting it out on the sidewalk. The mother wasn't around so I told the girl that was disgusting and sent her to get some water to wash it up.

* A little boy doing made up karate moves - he was about 3 and he was in his own little world, totally without self-consciousness

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