The human body is 70% water

Except for mine, which is about 20% water right now. The rest of the water that used to be inside my body came out in the form of sweat today, as Loki and I spent 5 hours (there and back) in our non-air conditioned car, in the about 3968% humidity air of New York. We passed by 2 boroughs as we drove on the NE Thruway and we couldn't see either one of them because of what appeared to be smog.

The good news is that Sio is winging her way across the Atlantic Ocean right now, and will be landing at Heathrow in about 3 hours or so. Although it will be 1am her time when she lands, she did have the foresight to spend the entire car ride asleep in the sweltering heat of the back seat. She's supposed to call me when she gets to Corfu, which should coincide with the time I am eating breakfast.

It's still damn hot and humid here in CT, and to add to the joy, I can smell a goddamn skunk right outside my kitchen window. I hate summer in New England.

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