Music History

or the soundtrack of my life, inspired by a post at Pandagon.

1969-1976 - Country music, variety show acts, showtunes: Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, The Osmonds, Sonny & Cher, Bobby Vinton, the Jackson 5, soundtracks to the Wizard of Oz, Sesame Street, Bambi, Lady and the Tramp. Also Irish music - The Dubliners, The Savage Brothers, lots of people whose names I can't remember.

1977-1978 - I started choosing my own music, and even then, I mostly liked people I could sing along with - Billy Joel, The Beatles, The Kinks. I listen to certain David Bowie over and over again, writing the lyrics down until I've memorized them.

1979-1981 - I am obsessed with Led Zeppelin and The Who. I think Mick Jagger is sex on two legs even though I'm not quite sure what sex is. This somehow morphs into interest in Black Sabbath and other metal bands that I can't quite remember the names of.

1981-1983 - Somewhere in there, my older sister and I saw David Byrne on TV, and we were hooked - Talking Heads and the B-52's. I don't understand why everyone likes the new version of Michael Jackson, when it was clear to me that he wasn't singing anymore, just making noise.

1983-1984 - my Duran Duran years. My best friend in Jr. High also introduced me to Prince and Parliament. I loved Midnight Oil. Also listened to The Thompson Twins, Eurythmics, U2. I resist all things related to Madonna, but I am fond of Weird Al.

1984-1986 - Teenage angst - yes, I listened to The Cure. My cousin moved back to the U.S. from Ireland and got us hooked on The Jam. I start listening to punk - Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Clash, PiL, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Black Flag, etc.

1986 - I spend the summer at the Center for Creative Youth and become obsessed with Bob Dylan.

1987 - my senior year of high school. The Violent Femmes, Frank Zappa, still listening to punk and Dylan.

1988-1989 - I introduce my new boyfriend, who loves Styx, to good music. He is so grateful that he knocks me up *and* marries me.

1989-1996 - Loki will refer to these as the dark years. Showtunes, showtunes, showtunes. I listen to every Stephen Sondheim show over and over again. Sio knows all the words to Black Boys from Hair. March of the Falsettos, Ain't Misbehavin', Little Shop of Horrors, Ruthless! the Musical, etc., etc., etc. I also listen to lots of k.d. lang and Tori Amos. I get interested in traditional Irish music and start listening to The Chieftains and Cherish the Ladies.

1997 - the year Monkey was born. I don't know if I listened to anything while she was getting tested for every disease under the sun because she wouldn't gain any weight.

1998-present. Fairly eclectic. I still listen to almost everything listed above. Ben Folds, Nellie McKay, Outkast, Marvin Gaye, White Stripes, Incubus, Stevie Wonder, I could go on.

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