Save CBGB's

My big sister Tree alerted me to this story, about the possible end of the venerable music establishment.

I've never been inside the joint myself*, but it's where Tree got her first taste of freedom. And, more universally speaking, where many great bands have played - bands like The Ramones, The Talking Heads, 80's CT favorite Miracle Legion, among many others.

I know that there are a lot of things we liberals are asked to do everyday - write our representives in Congress, call our Senators to tell them how we think they should vote, and of course there are more pressing issues right now, like Latonyia Figueroa, but please take a moment to see if you can write a quick letter to Mayor Bloomie, to get him to exert some political pressure to keep CBGB's alive.

*My close to CBGBs experience occurred in 1987. I was on a field trip to NYC with the chorus and drama club, to see Big River (with the awesome John Goodman as Huck's Pappy). Before we went to see the show, we were supposed to go to South Street Seaport, but the drama club director packed me and my best friend B into a cab and took us to Greenwich Village instead. I bought a really nice skirt just down the block a smidge from CBGBs, from a woman who was selling stuff on the street. I think I paid $3 for the skirt, which was a black and silver gypsy type skirt.

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