Nothing like a little rage to get you going in the morning

This post over at Kos got my day off to an infuriating start. I have to thank those Democrats over at Kos who are so cavalier about a woman's right to choose for getting my blood moving, because I was feeling a little groggy, and now I've got enough anger to keep me alert and high through the rest of the morning.

Kos may be pissed at the pro-choice movement for giving his guy a hard time, forcing him to drop out of the race, but just IMAGINE the righteous fury of millions of women who suddenly find they no longer have autonomy over their own body because bit by bit, the Democratic party has bargained away their rights in favor of "winning elections" (at which, let's face it, the party has been sucking like a chest wound - maybe because they seem so willing to play games with the issues that matter to the people who fucking vote for them in election after election!!!!!!)

Yes, I'm fucking pissed off.

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