Getting the hot color of the year is hard!

MSN has an article chock full of info to help you get the best red haircoloring out of your colorist. Pictures are important, so everyone is understanding the same copper or strawberry blonde. And of course it is crucial to change your lipstick to reflect your newly red tresses.

It all sounds like a lot of work. I got my red hair by winning the genetic toss of the dice. I did game the game, as it were, by being born to two Irish people, who are way more likely to carry the recessive gene necessary for natural red hair than the general population (3% of the general population has red hair, except for Irish people, where 30% of the population has red hair).

But I paid in other ways. I never had strawberry blonde hair, a color that sounded so tasty I couldn't help but use it to describe my hair color when I was little (despite the fact that my hair was closer in hue toYosemite Sam's). And one unfortunate year, my mother went nuts on St. Patrick's Day and sent me to school dressed entirely in green, including a small green bow in my hair. I was called "Tomato Head" until June.

My color has changed a bit, it's much more coppery now, and I'm starting to lose the color alltogether up at the front (which makes it look like a got blonde highlights). I don't have any gray hair, but I do have hair that is becoming almost translucent. I'm crossing my fingers that it will just turn white.

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