Monkey the Cat

Monkey has decided she is becoming a cat.

No need to wonder why - our two kitties are spoiled rotten. They always have fresh food and water, several members of our household won't move if the cats decide to perch on them, they can just layabout all day long and don't have to go to school. They can basically do whatever they want. *I* wouldn't mind the life of a cat (minus the whole litter box experience, anyway.)

But Monkey is quite serious. Listen to the discussion we had this weekend:

"Mom, now that I'm turning into a cat, can I eat cat food?"

I thought before I answered. Before we got our dog, I did a lot of research into animal foods, because Basset Hounds can have allergic reactions to corn, and can bloat easily. I remember reading that animal food is usually comprised of meat products that have been identified as "unfit for human consumption".

"Well, Monkey, I think that until we start seeing outer manifestations of your inner cat-ness, you should probably stick to human food."


Loki interjected.

"Monkey, what mommy is saying is that until all your body parts are actually feline, it's probably not safe to only eat cat food, since cats need different nutrition than humans do."

"Okay," Monkey grumbled.


She also came home from school yesterday with a flip book of drawings showing herself turning into a cat.

She makes a better monkey, though, truth be told. She can't sit still long enough to be a cat.

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