Friday Random Next Blogging

Comment devenir taree en 1000 lecons Which, as I learned from Babelfish, is authored by a teenager in Mozambique, writing about teenage life in Mozambique. I believe she also writes "Angel" fan-fiction.

Surfstream, also authored by a teenager, this one a 13 year old in Swansea, Wales. He seems to like the wrestling.

TBOGG! - I think this is the first time I've every randomly landed on a blog that I already read every day.

Possible Elitists High On Coffee and Cloves - a satirical blog, featuring a review of Ann Coulter's latest book.

Theoretical V - occasional fiction and odd ramblings. I like that he wants to read the latest in globollocks from Thomas Friedman only because he heard how bad it is.

Well, that's all you're getting for today, because I had too many carbs this morning and therefore I'm feeling stuffed and sluggish.

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