I don't have an IPOD, so this is the best I can do

All the cool, technologically hip people do a Random Friday IPOD list, but as an IPODLESS outcast, the best I can offer you, my dear reader(s?) is a list of Random Blogs, generated by the "Next Blog" button on Blogger.

Please make sure all tray tables are secured and seats are in the upright position before we take off:

Oh, drat! Mortgage Information, one of those strange blogs that just seems to contain randomly generated words associated with a boring topic, like, for example, mortgages.

Try, Try, Try, again! (Headfirst this time, dive right in!)*

Huge improvement! This time we're landing at Herd of Cats, authored by Diane, who is a law student in New Orleans. Not only are there cool pics on her blog, she is also on the side of angels (politically speaking). I will make it a point to stop in again.

Next stop: A Minha 5a Ciber-Dimensao authored by Velvetsatine in Lisbon, Portugal. Nice pictures, and a very short story about sex with strangers written in English.

We leave Portugal to visit Three Knockdown Rule, a conservative blog authored by a 23 year old male who really likes boxing. There is a little knee-jerky anti-liberal talk, but other than that he seems more thoughtful and less angry than the average conservative blogger.

Our next Next Blog is A Life Like Dust, written by one Sgt. Bukkake, and now that I know what that is, I'm not sure I want to learn more about him. The top post on the page is about his gay brother who, after years of gayness has decided that maybe he was just having a long gay phase.

Golf, anyone? InstaMarv seems to enjoy golf, but specifically, he seems a tad obsessed with Tiger Woods. Golf is a game that I will never play, and not just because my hip won't swing that way.

I'm not sure how many that is, but I'm done for now. I hope you enjoyed your brief and random tour of Next Blogs

*Titannica RULES!

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