Sweetness takes on a new challenge

Sweetness has been tapped to direct a 10 minute play at a production of several 10 minute plays her school's drama department is doing early in June. She is going to direct Christopher Durang's "The Funeral", which was originally written as a teleplay for a Carol Burnett special. I'm very excited for her. I was (briefly) a Directing major in college, until I decided I liked acting much better. She'll do a great job - she is decisive and bossy, and I've checked her early notes about the characters and she's got a great start at what she needs from her actors.

I can't wait to start acting again. Later this year, the Mr. is switching to daytime hours, so I will have the opportunity to go to evening rehearsals. Here is my favorite local theater - they do a better job than many professional theaters I've been to.

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