Feeling Low

I don't know if it's the sickness talking, or if it's seeing Bush's poll numbers go up, or reading about some schmuck named John O'Neill talking shit about Kerry's military service, or just the built-up anger and frustration about pretty much everything that has happened since November 2000 in the world of politics, but I am feeling low tonight.

I really think one of the problems the Democrats have to face this time around is that many people believe in Bush with a religious fervor. My MIL doesn't give a crap about the truth, she thinks George W. Bush was given to us by God to lead us. It's like we are living in different realities. It reminds me of "Angel" from last season, where everyone saw Jasmine as a beloved figure of true love and caring, but the truth was she was a rotting worm-laden corpse, here to take away free will (and eat people). In the episode "The Magic Bullet", we learned that Jasmine's blood would show you her true face. But what will it take for people bewitched by Bush to see his real face? I see it everytime I open the paper. He's a smirking, lying frat-boy bully who holds a grudge. What revelation about Bush will make the true believers start to doubt him?

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