Rhymes with liar

Roger Ailes (not the evil one) does a nice bit on Crazy Peggy Noonan. This is the second time Crazy Peggy has invoked the name that gives her shivers in her girly parts in regards to a fire. The first time she discussed Bush and fire was when she shared that Bush seemed like the kind of guy who would know all the kids in the neighborhood, and send the firefighters looking for poor Billy (although it seems to me Bush wouldn't know his name was Billy, he'd probably call him Shorty or Red or something like that). This is how you know that Crazy Peggy is, indeed, Crazy. She imagines these events and then imagines how her hunka hunka burning love Bush would react to these imaginary events. She lives in a world of her own making, where a frat-boy bully who engages in "youthful indiscretions" until he's 40 years old and never ever ever ever takes responsibility for anything he does and can't admit he's ever made a mistake and can't even walk on the ground like the rest of us poor suckers is a heroic righteous dude. It's just not so, Peggy, not here in the physical universe in which we actually exist. It's all in your head.

This time, a former POW who reacts calmly to a fire at a restaurant table, which is not an extraordinary act in and of itself, reminds Crazy Peggy of her imaginary world's throbbing hunk of manliness, George W. Bush. I'm not sure how anything Bush has ever done would even suggest he would even acknowledge that the table was on fire, let alone calmly put the fire out. The guy can't even answer an unscripted softball question!

I know that calmly putting out a small fire is not an extraordinary act, because I've done it myself. Several years ago, I was in a play and my costume caught on fire on stage. I calmly patted the fire out with my hands and went on with the show. I reacted in such a calm manner that not only did no one in the audience notice I caught on fire, neither did anyone who was on stage with me.

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