Late Opinion on Kos

I didn't feel entirely qualified to weigh in on the situation Markos has been experiencing the past few days. I didn't see the original diary entry and have only caught up with the story after the fact.

But here's my oh-two: Even if I disagree with Kos' remarks, I recognize that he was expressing an honest opinion, fueled by anger. He was angry about the way the media was giving the deaths of these guns-for-hire so much weight, when our volunteer soliders were dying and being ignored (as they mostly have been for months now). And I don't want to impugn the dead guys, but my mama always told me contract killers are not nice boys. I'm going to assume that they were motivated by misplaced patriotism rather than by getting paid to kill people, just to help me sleep better at night.

But Kos is a good guy. He was angry, he expressed his honest opinion, he put it into context afterwards, and for me, that's the end of the story. I understand why politicians have to be sensitive for that kind of stuff, so I'll give them a pass.

But the pile on from the right, the ridiculous reaction to Kos' statements, has the whiff of eau de manufactured outrage. It's like Wellstone all over again. Frankly, I do not trust the character judgement of people who support the Bush administration, who haven't been honest with the American public since...well, ever, near as I can tell.

So Kos, I got your back, buddy. Solidarinose.

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