Light blogging this weekend

Probably. I have to get my house ready for an onslaught of visitors on Saturday. Just once, I would like to have my house already be in a state of readiness for visitors. (It will never happen - I hate cleaning so much. I like the house being clean, I just hate all the work that has to go into making it that way. I blame my mother for using cleaning as a punishment - when I got in trouble, I had to clean my room.) The thing I am most embarassed about is that early last year, I started painting my kitchen, and I still haven't finished yet. We will soon be celebrating the one year anniversary of painter's tape being on the trim in the kitchen. And my husband's aunt is a neat freak to the nth degree. Her house is pristine, you would never find a speck of dust anywhere. She will not express any judgement, but she will be thinking it.

We will be celebrating my better half's birthday on Saturday. So his family is coming over, and my sisters are coming over with their kids, and most notably, Sweetness' new boyfriend is coming over.

Yes, Sweetness has a new boyfriend. So far, he's used his influence over her to get her to join the Math and Chemistry teams. He is very keen to meet the Mr., because they both like the same sci-fi authors. My husband is not quite as keen to meet the boyfriend, because he's having a lot of trouble with being the father of a teenage daughter who has a boyfriend. I'm actually pretty relaxed about it, which surprises me.

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