It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Spring and Autumn are my two favorite seasons. Naturally, they are incredibly short-lived. We usually get a good 6 weeks or so of Autumn, but Spring goes right from being gorgeous and pleasant one week to being sweaty and too hot the next. (For me, anyway - anything over 82 is too hot for me).

But today is a glistening and beautiful breezy spring day in Connecticut. And I'm sick as a dog. I have to thank my husband for bringing this particular virus into our home. He rarely gets sick, and unlike most men, he is not a big baby when he is sick. He goes about his business and usually doesn't say anything until he's feeling better. Thanks sweetie, I'm glad you're feeling better. Now could you run to the store and grab some Nyquil and a couple of boxes of Kleenex?

I'm not normally a big baby when I'm sick, but I couldn't take any time off from work because a whole bunch of meetings were rescheduled to this week, and I have to take minutes (which will later be found worthless because I misplaced a comma or didn't phrase something the way the Dictator would phrase it).

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