Dog Day Afternoon

We spent our day today at a dog park with our 6 month old Basset Hound, who responds to the name that best describes him, Stinky (although that is not his given name).

He played with a family of 4 Italian Greyhounds (it was quite a sight - Stinky can fly when he wants to, but he's sort of a goose compared to the darting hummingbirds that the IG resembles). He also played with several mutts, a Husky, and 2 Mastiffs, but he couldn't get anywhere near the Chihuahua even though he was desperate to play.

After a few hours at the park, we started getting ready to head home. Stinky was so tired I thought he might fall asleep on the way back to the car, but he simply dropped down completely flat and insisted we carry him the rest of the way.

He's surprisingly peppy tonight despite his busy day. On the other hand, I'm completely exhausted.

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