Necessity is the mother of invention

Or how desperation can drive new ideas...
Or how pathetic can Maurinsky be in her desire to eat lunch?

I didn't pack a lunch today because the Mr. (whom I shall call Loki after his favorite Norse deity) said he would come by and we
could go out together. At about 11:45, he called to say he was still
at his sister's house (she was reviewing our tax returns) and so I
should forget about him showing up.

No problem. I decided I would head over to the Berlin Turnpike, grab
a quick bite and fill my car up with the cheapest gas I know of
within 15 miles.

So I head out on the highway...and come to a complete stop. I spent
50 minutes sitting in traffic, caused by a horrific accident that
made me immediately stop feeling sorry for myself about being stuck
in traffic. But my lunch hour was over, so I only had time to go past
the accident, get off the highway and turn around and go back. No gas
for the car, no food for me (but gratitude that I was not part of the
accident, most definitely).

Anyway, I got back to the office, and as soon as my phone answering
time was over (3pm), I begin searching for food. Nothing in the
fridge, no snacks or goodies, no candy in any of the candy jars. But
then I spy a box of croutons sitting on top of the fridge. I figure a
few savory croutons will help ease my hunger. As I'm pouring a few
into a small cup, I realize that croutons aren't very much different
than stuffing, so I added some hot water and voila - impromptu
stuffing for lunch!

I'm feeling much less hungry now, and alternately proud that I solved
my problem and embarassed that I was that desperate to eat.

(edited to be better)

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