What I'm Watching

I felt so lousy after my interview/massacre today that I was in danger of doing something bad to myself, like eat 20 Snickers bars or a pint or two of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Instead, I decided to change into my most comfortable clothes, which are also my most slovenly clothes, and gorge myself on TV.

The first thing I watched was Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, which was on my Netflix queue and came in the mail today. Someone I know told me it was a stupid guy movie, but I thought it was pretty hilarious, particularly Neil Patrick Harris as Neil Patrick Harris (tripping balls).

Then I watched Season 1 of The Office. I watched every episode, then I watched every deleted scene, then I watched every commentary. I bought myself season 2 of The Office for Christmas, and it was only a few days ago that I finished watching all the extras on that. Now I just have to wait for new episodes every Thursday. I love Jim, but I *really* love Toby.

Something else came in the mail today, btw, and that was Sio's first letter of acceptance, to Green Mountain College in VT! Soon, she'll probably have a slew of colleges congratulating her because they've chosen to ask her to spend her (our) money there! (I may be feeling a little cynical about the purpose of higher education today.) But the acceptance came with a nice scholarship, which is pretty cool. Of course, no decisions will be made until all the offers are in.

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