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Name a book that you want to share so much that you keep giving away
I've had several of these books in my lifetime. It used to be The Little Prince, then The World According to Garp, then Still Life With Woodpecker, then The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In more recent years, I've purchased several copies of Me Talk Pretty One Day, reallivepreacher.com, and Good Omens. Oh, and I always recommend The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay to people who like fiction.

Name a piece of music that changed the way you listen to music: I think it was the Talking Heads Psycho Killer. Before then, I only listened to pretty music or catchy pop tunes - songs I could sing along with. I remember having this song burrow into my brain - first, I didn't like it because I didn't like David Byrne's voice, because it was weird, because it was creepy. But it just kept growing on me, and I started to like the weird, the different. That sort of opened up my ears to hearing things in a different way, to enjoying more non-conventional songs, to paying more attention to lyrics. I could probably give about a dozen other examples of songs that change the way I listen to music, but that's the earliest one I can remember.

Name a film you can watch again and again without fatigue: Raising Arizona. It never fails to make me laugh my ass off. I love a high quality drama, and a lot of classics, but the movies I can watch over and over again tend to be the silly ones, (e.g., Galaxy Quest, Bring It On, Drop Dead Gorgeous), and even some movies that are objectively terrible movies (e.g., Center Stage).

Name a performer for whom you suspend all disbelief: He's more of a behind the scenes performer, but Joss Whedon.

Name a work of art you'd like to live with: Miro, The Village at Prades. I like colorful things.

Name a work of fiction which has penetrated your real life: I have no answer for this one. I suppose the bible, I'm always singing stuff that came from it.

Name a punch line that always makes you laugh: "I'll be in my bunk."

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