quick update

Item 1: the background story for my previous post

Loki works nights, and rather than parking his car in the driveway, which is sunny, he prefers to park his car under a big tree around the corner, so it's nice and cool when he climbs into it.

A neighbor who lives near where Loki parks his car saw the car there every day, and notified the police that a car had been sitting there for a week without being moved (not true, since Loki was taking it to work every night, but the neighbor only knew he saw it every evening before he went to bed and every morning when he woke up.) So the police came by to see if it was our car, since it's registered to us. Except they came by at 11:30 p.m., and it was hot as blazes, and therefore, I was tooling around the house wearing only panties. I did answer the door when I realized it was the police (although I stayed behind the door and just peeked my head around), and we cleared everything up easily, Loki is free to park there, so there's no problem.

Item 2: why its so darn quiet around here

We had a brief but terrific vacation to Niagara Falls over the weekend. It was our first visit there, so I was surprised that NF reminded me of no place so much as Las Vegas. We went up there for the 10th anniversary of my Moms online group. I drank a lot of summer beer (can frozen lemonade, can of vodka, 8 beers - goes down very easily and sneaks up on you fast), and had a great time with some people I love.

Item 3: miscellaneous

Project Runway 2 is on - yay! It's early days yet, but so far I like the designs by Kayne, Robert, Laura, Keith & Uli, and I like Alison and Katie. The CT Senate primary is creeping up on us, and I just gave Ned Lamont another $50 because he's matching contributions. It seems more and more likely that he's going to win. Monkey is still taking antibiotics for Lyme disease, but her rash is gone and she seems to be totally fine except for some photosensitivity and occasional nausea.

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