Monkey's home from camp

and she brought something unexpected with her: Lyme Disease!

When we got there to pick up Monkey, the nurse notified me that she had noticed some rings on Monkey's arms, and they looked like the rash associated with Lyme Disease, erythema migrans:

When we got home, I looked up the CDC website, and I realized that the fever that got Monkey sent home overnight last week was the first symptom. And then I remembered that she had a ring around her bellybutton when she came home last Saturday, which Monkey said was because of a mosquito bite that got irritated.

I didn't want to wait until Monday to start her treatment, since the symptoms are still in very early stages, and the doctor agreed, so she started on antibiotics today, which she will take for 3 weeks. We'll take her into the office on Monday to confirm the diagnosis, but she's basically got a textbook case.

She has a slight fever, and she's complaining of achiness in her neck, but her temp has been moving downward and she can still touch her chin to her chest. Meningitis is a symptom of Lyme, so I'm monitoring her for that.

Then, to just put that bitter, rotten cherry on top of the day, I put the dog out on the line while Monkey was getting ready for bed. Unfortunately, Loki mowed the lawn earlier today so the line wasn't connected to its base, so the dog has disappeared. Monkey went to bed with tears in her eyes because she's so worried about him. I'm hoping the dope will remember us and come back. We went around the neighborhood for a while once we realized he was missing, but we couldn't find him.

I'm so hoping tomorrow is a better day.

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