Stop reading the comics and this is what happens

I was a devoted reader of the comics page when I was a child. We would get the paper early in the morning, and while we were eating breakfast, I would pull out the designated "entertainment" section of the paper (sometimes known as Entertainment; also seen as Life, Living, and now they've run out of all ideas and just call it by the date), fold open the last two pages, and read every single comic. Even Gil Thorpe and Mary Worth and Apartment 3-G. I even would read the comics that were listed in the Classified section (in my youth, those were Marmaduke, The Family Circus and Ziggy.)

The golden years for me were when the paper ran Bloom County, The Far Side, and Calvin and Hobbes. Even when Berkeley Breathed ended Bloom County, we still got Outland every Sunday.

I stopped reading the comics regularly after Watterson stopped drawing Calvin and Hobbes and Larson stopped drawing The Far Side. I'd pick them up every now and then, but the love was gone.

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed Monkey reading the comics, and she said "Mom, I don't get this one." I went over to see which one she didn't get, and horror of horrors, it was Mallard Fillmore. Mallard Fucking Fillmore, in my paper. I am outraged, and I immediately sent a letter of protest* to the paper. I haven't received any reply yet.

OTOH, Sio got a letter from Senator Bill Frist yesterday. She wrote to complain about those who are trying to get intelligent design added to the science curriculum. I'll have to share his letter with you guys later, because Sio brought it to school to share with her Bio teacher. Oh, the bullshittery!

*My complaint was not directed toward the political slant of the strip (although clearly I disagree emphatically with that slant), but over the fact that it isn't funny.

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