If you were wondering

You're probably asking yourself, "Why isn't maurinsky opining on the great topics of the day? Where are her observations on Tom DeLay's indictments? How does she feel about Harriet Miers? When will we know what maurinsky thinks about Judith Miller? Will she ever stop talking about that damn movie?"

I'm here to answer your questions, oh dear reader(s).

Maurinsky is tired, oh so tired. The only night of the work week that isn't booked through December is Friday. She is also burnt out on politics, and does not feel that she has anything to contribute that isn't already being said, and more eloquently, elsewhere.

In addition, Maurinsky's oldest is in college search mode, and we're going to visit several schools over the next few weekends.

And Maurinsky's going to make a promise to you, dear reader(s): this will be the last time she uses third person in a blog post about herself on Laughing Wild.

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