Real Life gives me a time out

I've been reading so many great things that I want to comment on, like this and this.

Unfortunately, after 9 straight days of rain, we discovered a few inches of water in our basement, so I've been busy with cleaning up from that. And I have a few other things going on, like school and my two jobs, and figuring out exactly how much in debt I am so I can try to get out of it, and working on a few other painful things that I would much rather avoid, but can't. So I'm going to be quiet for a while, and then I may take November off while I work on my National Novel Writing Month novel, although I may not. I'll probably still comment on other blogs from time to time, but LW will be pretty quiet. I think. Oftentimes as soon as I announce things are going to be quiet around here, all hell breaks loose (hopefully, this time it will involve the words "Rove indicted".)

I gotta go now or I'll miss my bus.

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