Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day, and since I read about it at Pam's House Blend, I assumed that the guy standing behind me in line for bus passes was celebrating. He was wearing blue jeans and a jean jacket with gay pride buttons and patches all over it.

The credit card machine wasn't moving, so I turned and asked him if he was celebrating Coming Out day. He said, "what?", so I asked him again. He said "I didn't know it was coming out day, I dress like this all the time! Honey," he said, "I've been out since I was 13, and my mom knew long before that."

We chatted for a while longer, and I said something about how I believe in equality for all people, so I hoped that our Civil Union law would become a gay marriage law at some point, except it sounded all pompous and serious, and quite frankly, I'm not happy with how my end of the conversation went, although he was delightful.

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