Damn, I'm a great parent

I just got a call from Sio's gym teacher. Sio is no athlete - in addition to having asthma, she is sort of generally undercoordinated. She's not a klutz or anything, but she doesn't pick up physical activities easily, and she's not inherently physically graceful. She's your classic bookworm, albeit without the glasses. (She's more an ultra-feminine, hourglass figured, stunningly beautiful bookworm.)

Anyway, her gym teacher called for the express purpose of telling me what a delightful child Sio is. Mrs. M. said even though Sio has asthma, she never uses that as an excuse to get out of class, that she always works as hard as she can in class, and that she is just a lovely human being. Mrs. M. said she doesn't get to make these calls very often, and she wanted to thank me for raising such a lovely child.

This wouldn't surprise anyone who knows Sio. I know she is special to me, she's my firstborn child. But she is special to lots of people. She walks down the hallway at school and smiles and says hello to everyone. She is kind to everyone. She is generous with her time, always offering to help people. And she never brags about it, or does it for self-aggrandizement - it's just how she's always been.

So even though I feel chest-burstingly proud of her, I can't really claim the full credit. Sio was born a sparkling ray of sunshine, and I don't think she'll ever change.

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