We have a tough week this week - last night Sweetness and I had choir practice, tonight Sweetness had a school chorus concert (they are incredible, better than many professional choirs), tomorrow Monkey has a softball game, Thursday S & I have choir practice again, and Friday she has an orchestra concert. Saturday my in-laws are going to descend on my house to celebrate all the May birthdays in our family, and Sunday we have church. That means I have only Memorial Day with nothing scheduled, so I offer my thanks again to all those veterans who gave their lives for this great nation, because without their sacrifice, it would be just another workday under some fascist dictator or greedy monarch. Thanks!

Anyway, because we're so busy this week, I took my lunch hour today to do some grocery shopping. I had a quick drive to the store, but on my way back to work, I was behind a car being driven by a man with white hair and a hat. There were 4 white haired people in this car, and they were driving approximately 8 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone. I thought to myself "retired people should stay off the roads between 12-1, when those of us who have to work are out and about trying to do things we don't have enough time in our week to do", and then I was ashamed of myself for thinking like that. And then, the white haired person in the passenger seat tossed a fast food bag out the window. So I passed those littering motherfuckers and yelled at them to get off the road. Justified anger - it feels good.

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