Carnivals look better from a distance

Monkey had a great time at the carnival on Saturday evening. She did multiple backflips on the Eurojump, screamed with delight on the Tilt-A-Whirl, had a blast slamming into people on the Bumper Cars, and waved faithfully with each turn of the carousel.

Loki and I enjoyed watching her have so much fun, but we couldn't help but notice the puke under the bench, and the carnies who seemed to be universally missing a finger or wearing an eyepatch, all with a cigarette either dangling from their lip or tucked above their ear. We made a cycle through, letting Monkey and Sweetness go on the rides they wanted to go on, playing a couple of midway games (Monkey won a stuffed tiger; thankfully, no one won a live goldfish), buying one disgusting carnival food item apiece (fried dough for Sweetness, cotton candy for Monkey), and then heading home. When we got to our car, we turned back to look at the carnival. Yep, definitely looks better from a distance.

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