Dear New Alliance Bank;

To begin, I'd like to congratulate you on acquiring the Savings Bank of Manchester.

I was a faithful SBM customer for many years. One of the things I really loved about SBM, aside from their fine customer service, friendly and accurate tellers, and no-fee checking, was that every SBM branch had a clock on the outside of the building. I'm unable to wear a watch because of some sort of freak of electromagnetics - any watch I wear just stops working after a few weeks, from the cheapest digital to the most expensive Swiss manufacturing - so I loved that every time I passed an SBM branch (a not infrequent occurance), I could check the time.

Now, I know that you want people in this town to have the name "New Alliance Bank" branded into their brains, but did you have to cover up every single clock with a banner that says "New Alliance Bank"? Because now, every time I see or hear the name "New Alliance Bank", I think to myself "those are the fuckers who took time away from me."

Even my neighbors who can wear watches are unhappy about losing the clocks. I've heard people complaining about this without any prompting from me. Please, New Alliance Bank, give us our clocks back!



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