I never said I was consistent

I just noticed that two consecutive posts of mine offer 2 very different opinions on eye patches. In my "Hip Tip" post, I admire eye patches, but in the "Carnivals" post, I express disdain for or perhaps fear of those who wear eye patches. Well, I never said I was consistent, but for the record: my admiration is for pirate style eye-patches. My fear is when I see someone who clearly got their eye patch because their cornea was scratched by a broken bottle in a bar fight. Either that or they have a severe lazy eye that probably should have been corrected years ago.

Pirates = Arrgh! (Yay!)
Carnies = Scary!

ETA: I also seem to have a lot of disagreement with myself over the phrase "eye patch", which I have written as "eye-patch", "eyepatch" and "eye patch". I'm guessing that the hyphen is the appropriate form, but I am far too lazy to find out by myself. I have heard that there are some people on the internet who are very particular about grammar. If you happen to be one and you've stopped in to read my blog, feel free to correct me.

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