A Hip Tip for potential Orthopods

I went to my new orthopedist today. We discussed my "very sad, very sick" hip joint, as he called it, and while he wasn't quite as fast as previous orthopods to suggest we better yank that thing out of there and put in something shiny and new, a total hip replacement is in my not too distant future.

He also asked my permission to use my X-rays in the board tests he will be conducting in July. He said if the potential orthopods don't at least consider the pros and cons of fusion, they will fail. (The pros: no more pain; the cons: no movement, same lurching walk, no flexibility).

Oh, and if I would like to help stave off the operation for a little longer, I should get a cane! I always wanted to have some sort of affectation to make me stand apart from others - an eye patch, or a monocle, maybe a fashionable hat or a posh accent. Now I feel justified in buying a cool cane that will really help define me as the elegant and sexy woman I truly am. Of course, I'll probably be best served by the decidedly unsexy orthopedic cane.

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