Early Wednesday Morning Pet Blogging

This is the Lord of the Manor, Casimir, aka Caz. He is very attached to Loki, it is rare to find Loki without Caz. He is also protective of the whole family - when I take Cugel for a walk, Caz comes with us.

This is Cugel, aka Stinky. The camera makes him nervous/excited, so he is difficult to photograph. I tried to get a an overhead shot of him in full Basset (completely flat against the floor, ears stretched out to the sides, back legs kicked out behind him), but as soon as I turned the camera on, he got up so he could smell it.

This is Madouc, aka Madoucaloo. She used to be aloof and bitey, but Loki is the cat whisperer, and he brought out her inner flirt. Madouc likes to relax.

She also loves cars. One time, I saw her jump out of the back of a pick-up truck that had been parked on our street but was leaving. In fact, we got her when she was a 3 week old kitten, she had traveled from Union CT to Manchester CT in the wheel well of a truck. You should be able to see Caz through the glass - this is the closest, physically, they have ever been to each other. Caz hates sharing his people with interloper Madouc.

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