It's been almost 10 days of no sugar now. I feel like my moods have evened up - I managed to make it through Subway Hell in NYC without snapping at anyone, and I seem to be staying a little calmer than usual. I've also stopped craving sweets. Although that may be negative reinforcement from the sugar-free candy I bought. FYI: that stuff makes you gassy. I could hear my stomach rumbling over all the background noise of my office.

Sio has now been accepted to 4 colleges: Manhattan, Green Mountain, RIT and SUNY-Geneseo. So far, Manhattan has offered the most generous financial aid package - basically, they've covered all her tuition, leaving us responsible for room & board and fees. Of course, she's pretty determined to go to Ireland. In order for her to gain citizenship, I have to gain citizenship - I am a citizen, because my father was born in Ireland, but to be official, I also have to have an Irish passport. I got my passport application in the mail today, and it's going to be a beauracratic joyride to get this thing. I have to get my parents original marriage certificate - a photocopy will not suffice - along with my birth certificate.

I have to admit, the idea of having my Irish passport makes me feel a little giddy. If I had any foreign language skills, I could get a job anywhere in the EU! Maybe I'll take a French class next semester.

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