Long Weekends

I know I am getting old now, because on Friday nights, I can barely keep my eyes open past 9pm. But I started my long weekend by staying up until 10pm to watch Dollhouse, Joss Whedon's new show.

I didn't have high expectations for the show, so I can only say that, while it wasn't the greatest thing ever, it did exceed my expectations. Eliza Dushku may not have the chops to play a different character every week, but I think she might do better at that than at the other part of her character, as Echo, the "doll". She's lacking a certain depth at those kind of quieter parts.

The script was decidedly not Whedonesque, lacking his characteristic wit and humor, but that may be due to the procedural aspect of the show. I think it has potential, it wasn't great, but better than I expected. I was pretty much squeeing on the couch when I saw the Grrr-Argh monster again.

And I hope the IT guy on Dollhouse is the first main cast character to meet a horrible death.

Saturday passed by in blur. I knew it was Valentine's Day, but was not expecting anything. So I was pleasantly surprised when Loki presented me with a gift and a poem...which, technically, qualifies as another gift. The first gift was a CD of Van Morrison's Greatest Hits (which mystifyingly did not include Into the Mystic or Tupelo Honey, so I ask you, can you really call that a Greatest Hits CD?). The second gift is below:

Music hints at a God beyond the blue,
and, though Art on earthly pain is fed,
unbridled, our passions offer this clue:
Roses have often said -
even Violets know this to be true -
evenings are best with fresh-baked bread,
novels written in a month, wine, and you.

Sunday, we had birthdays to celebrate - my niece Molly and my father-in-law (FIL). Molly is sweet and guileless and enthusiastic, and she made me laugh by picking up the first present and saying "I have a feeling this is going to be the greatest gift of ALL TIME!"; and later, when holding a gift I wrapped (which means it was shaped like a lump and looked like either a young child or someone missing some fingers had wrapped it), said "It feels like.....like something." Yes, Molls, it was something, good guess.

Then I lost a wee fortune in pennies at Rummy Royal. I did not go out once. Three times I had a paying card in my hand that I never got to play; once, I had the king and queen of hearts in my hand, and didn't get to play them. It was a tragedy.

Monday was a day to savor because it was a day I did not have to go to work, and those days are always wonderful (even though I like my job, and I like working...really, if I didn't work, these work-free days would feel much less meaningful). Loki and I hung out at the bookstore. I learned how to format a screenplay, and I started reading Watchmen, which I didn't finish until today. It was a little right-wing for my taste, but it was also incredibly rich storytelling, so on that level, I loved it.


Toast said...

You finished Watchmen in a day?

maurinsky said...

No, in 2 days.

Tracy said...

What a lovely poem. And it sounds like you had a nice long weekend.

We look forward to next weekend and a fun breakfast.

Lokabrenna said...

11:00 ish? I'm looking forward to it, too, it might be the only day this week I get out of bed in time to have breakfast.

Chris Howard said...

I thought Dollhouse was ok too, not great, but definitely worth another look. I have been a bit amazed by how many critics seem to want to pass final judgment on a show after screening the first couple of episodes. Star Trek TNG didn't hit its stride until season 3 for goodness sake.

Mike said...

Into the Mystic or Tupelo Honey

Both great songs, but not sure "Into The Mystic" was the "hit" that "Tupelo Honey" was. The exclusion of the latter is inexplicable.

The fact that -- I assume -- "Brown Eyed Girl" took its spot is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...