Amused or annoyed? Amunnoyed? Annused?

Two things are both amusing me and annoying me tonight.

The first is that KFC commercial that's been running lately. There's a cute, non-threatening woman, talking about the fresh ingredients and 11 herbs & spices, and how does she know this much about KFC? Well, it's because she's the cook, and every KFC has one.

No shit? Every KFC - which, technically, qualifies as a restaurant, has A cook? A single cook? I'm just trying to imagine the writers sitting around the table of the advertising agency, tossing around ideas to make KFC more attractive. "I know, let's say that KFC food is cooked by....you're going to love this....a COOK! No one will expect it!"

The second thing is that I've read about 15 headlines tonight about why the "intensely private" or "fiercely private" Jennifer Aniston brought her boyfriend
John Mayer to the Oscars. My problem here is with suddenly having Jennifer Aniston, who I've seen smiling at me from literally hundreds of magazine covers, is suddenly fiercely private. I wonder if her publicist thought this would be a good way to position her?

Feel free to leave similar amusing/annoying things in comments!


Tracy said...

He went so she wouldn't feel weird being there alone with Brangelina being all beautiful and photogenic. It was good of him. And I can definitely understanding the "annoyed" part as she is not private at all.

Nguyen Duc said...

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