WTF is up with the squirrels?

I am starting to get very concerned about this winter, and this concern is largely driven by my observation of unusual squirrel behavior.

1. Squirrels are digging holes all over my backyard and burying nuts and seeds.
2. Squirrels are now looking for food on the sides and medians of the highway - I've never seen a squirrel on the highway before, but now I'm seeing squirrels scampering along the sides of I-84, I-91 and I-691 - and of course, a lot more dead squirrels on the highway itself.

We can't afford new windows, so I'm setting aside a weekend in October to caulk shut some of the windows and cover them all with plastic. Our house was built in 1925 and all the windows are original, so they are not good at keeping the cold out.

I'm also getting new storm doors, since we also have the original wood screen doors that came with the house.

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Bee said...

Goodness, it does sound like the squirrels are feeling a bit anxious . . . but then who isn't?

I sympathize with the old wooden window situation. We are replacing some of ours and we can't decide whether to stick with the wood or go UVPC. Wood is more historically accurate, but it is a pain for maintenance -- and hardly the energy-efficient choice.