Srsly: Kudos, media

Somehow, the McCain campaign has gotten the major cable channel to spend hours discussing what was meant by a common aphorism (there are thousands of occurances of this phrase on Google, dating back years). It's like we're watching Candid Camera, except we're the schmucks that everyone will be laughing at when the Dumbest Campaign Ever ends up winning because people think it's some kind of reality show and they want to vote the smart guy off the island.

I know that this kind of bizarro shit has been going on for some time, but I feel we've reached new levels of empty, shallow idiocy. I was listening to NPR today, and they had a story about what happens when you literally put lipstick on a pig. (Suprise, surprise: the pig eats the lipstick).

Jesus H. Keerist. Apparently, Steve Schmidt watched the movie Idiocracy and has adopted it as a vision of the future.


Toast said...

I heard that NPR story as well. Very disappointing. I wanted to say to them "Look, don't play this for laughs. It's not funny." They (and every other media outlet) should have made the story about the shamelessness, emptiness, and hypocrisy of the McCain campaign and only about that.

Bee said...

You are kidding. You are kidding! My mom is visiting me from the dark Bush-loving heart of Texas (where she is a brave dissenter) and she is just so pleased to be able to read sensible journalism.

I'm amazed that they actually have the time for such stupidity -- what with the devastation of Hurrican Ike and our financial institutions.

Bee said...

Oh, and your labels for this post crack me up!