Where am I?

Maybe you've asked yourself that question. Mostly, I'm working: I got a promotion at work, and now I'm super busy there all the time, and my church gig has started up again. I also have my weekly a capplla group rehearsal*, Monkey is taking dance class, and I joined the gym.**

*Our concert is going to be relocated and rescheduled. I will have more details, but hopefully, we will be celebrating Obama's win with a concert on 11/7.

**Yes, the gym. I really, really have to get serious about both losing weight and improving my muscle tone and flexibility before I get my hip replaced. I have to lose 60 pounds. So far, I've only been able to squeeze in 2 workouts a week, I'm hoping that when our schedules settle down a little I can get there a third time. Yesterday, I took an Aqua Fit class, and I'm feeling it today. My usual workout is 10 minutes on a bike, then some crunches, using weight machines for either my upper body or my lower body depending on which one I did last, and then a long walk on the treadmill. I am also making a concerted effort to eat all my fruits and vegetables every day, and this is definitely helping me to eat less, overall. Please feel free to send me words of encouragement on this, because I need to stay motivated.


leslie said...

we will eat ONLY salads and no cheesecake on Friday...Okay?

maurinsky said...

No, not okay. I've accepted the fact that being restrictive with my diet merely triggers my urge to compulsively overeat, so I just eat what I want...within moderation, of course...and I'll just exercise it off.

Bee said...

I definitely belong to the school that would rather exercise LOTS than diet at all. Actually a combination of the both is best -- as I'm sure you realize.

Coincidentally, I just published a recipe for black bean soup. It is filling, nutritious, and low-fat.

Good luck to you!

Tracy said...

Go, maurinsky!

To lose weight, you need to (1) diet, (2) do weight resistance exercises and (3) do a cardio workout. It sounds like you've got all three going on, so you're on the right track. I don't know if you can squeeze any more exercise in, but it's obviously a good idea.

In a perfect week, I do weights on Monday, cardio on Tuesday (only half an hour - not bad), weights on Wednesday and yoga on Thursday. I try to get something in on the weekends (hiking, biking or walking). I've only lost about 2-3 pounds and have seemed to have plateaued, but I'll keep trying. I've tried to lessen the crap that I eat. Load up on fruits and veggies as they are healthy and not fattening (except for maybe avocados, which is still a good fat at least).

Keep us posted! And let us know when you reschedule your concert.