The latest in strange illnesses to hit my house

I woke up last Wednesday with a stiff neck. I went to work, and it just kept getting stiffer and more uncomfortable. I did some ibuprofen loading and that took the edge off - when I got home, I took a Vicodin, and that really helped.

But it was back on Thursday. And Friday, when I called in sick. Now, not only was my neck stiff, but it hurt to swallow, my glands in my throat were swollen, I could feel a sinus infection starting on the right side of my face and my right ear was itchy.

I've had it every day since last Wednesday. It has eased up a bit today, and I went to my sister's house to exchange Xmas gifts and told her about it. And she said she had the exact same thing about 2 weeks ago. If it doesn't clear up by this Wednesday, I'll have to see if I can get in to see my ENT.

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Anonymous said...

Ну приветик, англоязычные вы мои)
Я вот тоже фанатею по хроникам. В Корвина влюбилась по самые по уши!