The National Honor Society Controversy

Sio has been invited to join the National Honor Society. Ordinarily, I suspect this leads to a burst of pride on the part of the parents, who surely have contributed not just genes, but emotional and financial and academic support to their young genius.

But in our house, the National Honor Society is on The List*. You see, when Loki was in high school, he was a candidate for the NHS, but they rejected him because he didn't participate in enough extra-curriculars for their taste - despite the fact he was a member of the Chess Club and the Arrow-Catching Club**. And yours truly was rejected because they decided I wasn't civic minded enough - apparently, they didn't mind civic involvement of the Eagle Scout/DAR variety, but they frowned on students who protested against Ronald Reagan and wrote letters to the editor condemning the actions of the Reagan administration in the Iraq/Contra scandal.

We're not going to stand in the way of Sio joining the NHS, because I suppose it still looks good on a college application, and it will probably look good on the thousands of scholarship applications Sio will have to fill out to help pay for college. Paying for college. That's a topic for another post.

*Term appropriated from The Out-Of-Towners (original version) starring Jack Lemmon and that flighty weird chick whose name I can't remember right now. Other groups on The List: Wal-mart, Best Buy, the Boy Scouts of America, the American Family Association, Connecticare, and NetfuckingZero.

**Loki had a very cool teacher who started the arrow-catching club for all the geeks who didn't play sports***. They met once, to create a secret handshake, discuss how *not* to catch arrows (with any part of your body other than your hand) and have their picture taken for the yearbook.

***I say this with love and affection, despite the fact I was totally sporty in my younger, non-disabled years. I'm not even 5'2" and I played varsity basketball, that's how much of a jock I used to be.

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