Back to school

I start back at school tomorrow. I completely chickened out from my oft-repeated goal of finally getting that remedial math class* out of the way and instead signed up for a one credit vocal music course. It works out pretty well, because we have a lot of expenses this year (Sio is going to Toronto and Greece, Monkey is going to camp, I need a new stove, I want a new dishwasher, and I have to finally suck it up and finish painting my kitchen, a job I started two years ago**).

*I will tell the story of Why I Suck At Math another time. Suffice it to say, my problem is one of psychological impairment rather than incompetence or stupidity.

**I am truly the laziest homeowner ever. I bought 3 quarts of paint because I wasn't sure which one I wanted on the wall, and I painted half the kitchen, but I never put down any primer, so the 3 colors I chose are now flaking off in the high traffic areas. I need to just make a decision about the color and get the primer down so I can finish.

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