I updated my blog today - I put everything in alphabetical order (I always get slightly organizationally inclined during this portion of my monthly cycle) and added some new links, including Ezra Klein (who does look suprisingly like Matt LeBlanc in his picture), Body and Soul, Real Live Preacher (who has a lovely book out right now, called reallivepreacher.com), Political Animal, Political Strategy, James Wolcott (he must be a superhuman on that evolutionary scale of bloggers by now), The Poor Man, Tequila Mockingbird, Suburban Bliss, and Crooked Timber (even though I don't always understand what they are talking about - seriously, I sometimes need to draft a chart to keep track of their train of thought - because they always give me something to think about).

I also added links to Television Without Pity and Fametracker, because I really do enjoy watching TV ever so much more when I can visit a message board afterwards to talk about it with snarky people I don't know who are probably half my age.

I also removed the Kossack Bloggers heading, because my list was pretty out of date, and removed those blogs that I don't really visit. Not to say they aren't worthwhile, I just don't visit them.

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