Post-debate post

My musical engagement took less time than anticipated, so I made it home in time to catch most of the debate. I came in towards the end of the foreign policy portion of the debate.

There were a lot of arguments I wish Edwards had put forward that he didn't, but he was also countering a towering pile of bullshit - smoothly and competently delivered bullshit, which may hide the odor until the fact checkers get to it, but within the next 24 hours it's going to start smelling pretty bad in that undisclosed location.

As someone who is deeply, emotionally connected to this election, I tried to imagine how Edwards might be coming across to people who don't spend their days immersed in the details of the campaigns. I think that might be impossible. I suspect Edwards came across as a man who speaks clearly and reassuringly. But who can say. I've never even seen Star Wars, so who am I to act as arbiter for what the broad masses of people in this country like.

I'm sure the freepers are relieved that he didn't fuck up too badly (except for all the lies). Cheney's style of delivery was good even though the content was complete crap, so that will probably be worth something. (I should say I imagine his style of delivery will come across as solid and strong, because he only gives me the creeps.)

I for one am glad that the VP debate is not too important in the grand scheme of things. Edwards wasn't as brilliant as I'd hoped, but he wasn't Quayle, either.

ETA: I forgot to mention the ridiculous questions. Questions built to fit the story the press is trying to write, not questions that were actually worth answering. I look forward to hearing the questions my fellow Americans ask, because I'm sure they'll be more meaningful.


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