I know you've been eagerly awaiting this!

Finally, I am writing my post about the first debate! I know you have been waiting with breathless anticipation, and I shall extend my deepest sympathies to your families and loved ones who are surely mourning you following your death from asphyxiation.


I did not watch the debate Thursday night because I was singing Faure's exciting and dramatic Requiem, which I personally dedicated to George W. Bush's career as a public servant.

When I got home, I watched The Daily Show to see if my horse tripped on the track, so I was delighted to see that not only did Bush fuck up, but in such a humorous fashion, while there weren't too many jokes one could make about Kerry's performance - he was presidential.

I have been checking C-SPAN to see when they would rerun it, but I haven't caught it yet. My mother chastised me for it, because she said she wasn't going to watch it because she can't stand the sight of Bush, but changed her mind because she figured that's what the right-wingers also say, only of course about Kerry instead of Bush. And my momma won't let her babies grow up to be right-wingers.

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