Luke Skywalker vs. The Emperor

I was 8 years old when Star Wars was released. My mother took us to the drive-in to see it (in a double feature with that classic Disney movie, Unidentified Flying Oddball), but I must confess that I fell asleep before Han Solo made his first appearance.

Since then, I've only seen bits and pieces of all the Star Wars movies, but I've never seen one all the way from start to finish - and I'm married to a man who owns a Darth Vader costume. I admit to a foolish pride in not seeing popular movies.

But Luke Skywalker vs. the Empire is an image I've been holding my mind ever since John Edwards accepted John Kerry's offer to run as his Vice-President. I just love the visual - good looking, warm, human John Edwards in a debate against evil cyborg Dick Cheney.

I think this is going to be a much tougher debate - there is no question that Dick Cheney is a smart man, and he is not constrained by any human morality (his baby eating habits have been well documented elsewhere). Once again, I have a musical engagement, so I will not see the debate, but if there is a God, and He is Good, John Edwards will get Cheney to expose his essential evil.

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