The weekends just fly by

Saturday - up at 8, shower, fold a load of laundry and start another, out the door at 8:30. Stop at Weight Watchers for weigh-in, then head to Petsmart to get mealworms and crickets for the class gecko, Geiko, who we are hosting this weekend. Home. Home, and then leave with my sister and mom to go pick Sio up from school. But first, we have to stop at the car rental place so I can share the driving with my sister.

Drive up to Worcester, check out her room, explore the campus with my mom who's never been there, load up the car with stuff Sio is bringing home, start home. Stop for some shopping and late lunch/early dinner. Get home and immediately feel horrifically ill. Take a nap on the couch, miss my class reunion - eh. Watch one terrible movie (My Super Ex-Girlfriend - just atrocious), then a pretty good movie (Thank You For Smoking - not much like the book, but definitely more satirical), then a movie I can't quite describe in one or two words (Borat - I had to cover my eyes for parts of the movie (naked wrestling), wonder at the fact that people who ostensibly speak in tongues live in this century and country, and kind of enjoy the sweetness of Luenelle and Borat together).

Go to bed.

Up at 8 for church gig. Shower, dress, all that jazz. Go to church, criticize the intergenerational message along with my fellow altos, sing one kind of cheesy song and one lovely Handel piece, leave before the sermon. Get home, immediately get a call from my sister, she'll be over in 5 minutes. Try to track down Sio to see if she wants to come, but cannot find her. My sister comes, we head down to New York. Stop at IKEA on the way down. Shopping with my mother is like shopping with a 5 year old, she keeps disappearing on us. Get back on the road. Make our way to Long Island, but my mom can't remember where her sister lives. Fully explore Montauk Highway between West Islip and Cogiacue (sp?). Finally get a map and figure out where my aunt lives. Visit. Stop at the pizza place so my mom can bring home a pie she likes. She buys 4 pizzas and gives one to me. We drive home.

Get home around 9:30p.m. Send the little one to bed. Have to get up early for orchestra tomorrow. And bring the gecko back, which I'm looking forward to, because it's cold in here and I don't want to turn the heat on yet, but I don't want the little lizard to freeze to death, either. I have swaddled his tank in blankets and put a space heater next to it.

Watch Pushing Daisies with Sio. Fool around on the computer. Jeebus, it's already almost 12:30. Must go to bed!

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