Answers to Tuesday Trivia

We'll start with #11

11. Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Cyd Charisse

I was surprised no one got this one, but the correct answer is The Harvey Girls. Judy Garland is a mail order bride, but she ends up working at The Harvey restaurant with a bunch of worldly young women. Features a great classic song, "On The Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe".

#6. "Friendship", "Do I Love You?", "Salome"

This one is kind of a moldy oldy, but it does offer some fun moments if you like vaudeville era jokes. These songs are from the movie Du Barry Was A Lady, in which a hat-check clerk played by Red Skelton in a nightclub wins the Irish Lottery, which wins him the hand of the nightclub singer he loves, May Daly, played by Lucille Ball, even though she's really in love with a poor but talented dancer played by Gene Kelly. I wish I could find a video of the song Salome as performed by Virgina O'Brien - she is the queen of deadpan.

3. Betty Garrett, Bob Fosse, Dick York

I'm not surprised no one guessed this one, but it makes me kind of sad because it is the delightful, if flawed, My Sister Eileen. You should definitely add this one to your Netflix queue if you are a fan of musicals - there is an absolutely brilliant dance battle between Bob Fosse and Tommy Rall that may be one of my favorite filmed dances ever. The movie also stars Janet Leigh as the sister in the title and Jack Lemmon as Betty Garrett's love interest. Definitely check this one out if you haven't seen it - Fosse choreographed at least one other number in the show, and you can see a some of his soon to be trademark style.

OOOOH! I'm so excited, the dance battle is on YouTube - see below:

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